Here is my final survey for this semester. Please use the discussion tab for this page to discuss giving final paper surveys, the questions on the survey, the purpose of the survey and suggestions for improving the survey!

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Some of the goals of working in Youth Voices were to: Learn to develop your online voice, incorporate other voices into your own thinking and writing, share ideas with teenagers from different states, create digital images, animations and stories and publish them online, explore issues about what is public vs what is private, and find information and images.

Compare and contrast working in Youth Voices to other online experiences you have had.

How did not knowing who might view your posts affect your writing or other posted work?

What was your favorite and/or most memorable post (either your own or written by someone else) in Youth Voices and why?

In Youth Voices, you met, read and responded to many different personalities. How might that help you in your daily life? Your online life?

We spent time incorporating others’ voices into our posts. What affect did this have on your writing? On your thinking?

What was clear or unclear in this class?

What suggestions would you make for the next class?