Since Youth Voices and the Personal Learning Space are public and have public RSS feeds, we must be VERY careful to respect copyright laws.

You may use ONLY Creative Commons licensed images - even if you cite other images, it is not ok here.

This is the law and we are teaching respect for intellectual property.

For music, the law is not more than 30 seconds of licensed music. You may of course also use "podsafe" music.

*Of couse, with the work from Temple University and Renee Hobbs and Lawrence Lessig, we know there really is no such law as the "30 second" rule; it was just a suggestion created by ? -media specialists, maybe, trying to make sense of copyright use for themselves, other teachers, and students.

This is an excellent and short video explaining creative commons. We recommend showing to your classes as soon as you start working in this online community.
part 2:

Below are sources for images and music. Please help us by adding to this page. ONLY add sites when you can also add a clear explanation of how to get the images or audio files. Too often, we collect links, but don't know how to actually use them. Thank you!


Joyce Valenza's Amazing Page of Resources:

Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft Images and Sound (Mostly!) for Use in Media Projects and Web Pages, Blogs, Wikis, etc.


4FreePhotos - Collection of free images released under CC license.
Alegri Free Photos - Collection of free Creative Commons images
Free Photo Gallery - Photo gallery with resources usable for any purposes, free of any charge.
Flickr Creative Commons - search by keyword
Public Domain Images Several thousand copyright friendly images nicely organized in categories, free for any personal and/or commercial use, credit or back link is not required.


If your podcast is non-commecial (or any school use), you can download 128k versions of the songs for free. Click the "license" button next to any button and click the "Non-commercial" option. Save to disk.
podsafe music network
Free account." You must be logged in using your podcaster account to download music. The process is achieved in two steps; adding a song to your playlist, then downloading the song from your playlist."
Garage Band
Choose a song and in the middle of the screen you will see a download button.
Follow links to Free Music>free mp3>Download

If you do decide to download music for free you can always give back to the artist on HumanFankind!