Project Trinity Blog - A blog by 5th graders, discussing their efforts to make a difference in Greenville, Pennsylvania
Project Trinity Wikispace - A wikispace by 5th graders as a place to post progress on project.
Series of Unfortunate Events - A place for 5th graders to post pictures of their literature circle projects and podcasts for this book series
Cyber Bullying Blog - A blog by 5th graders, with projects to stop cyber bullying.
Mrs. Abernethy's Cyber Chickens - A 5th grade class in Greenville, PA

Middle School

http://aseparatepeace.wikispaces.com Country Day School 8th graders in Regina Rumford's class in Costa Rica writing about the novel, A Separate Peace.
http://mrmayo.edublogs.org/ 5 classes of 8th grade bloggers in Maryland.
The Truth About Darfur A blog created by 5 students in Maryland to raise awareness about genocide in Darfur.
http://guysread.typepad.com/theblurb A current events blog created by middle schoolers.
http://englisheight.edublogs.org Intrepid Classroom - 7th and 8th graders in Jabiz Raisdana classes at the American School of Doha in Qatar
http://mscarlson.21classes.com Bloggers of Tomorrow, Ms. Carlson's 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts classes in Lower Manhattan.
http://personallearningspace.com (teachers must register new users) Personal Learning Space 6th - 8th Graders blog here, coordinated by Lee Baber, Paul Allison and Dave Cormier. Contact Paul Allisopn (allisonpr@gmail.com ) or Lee Baber ( lababer@gmail.com ) to get a log in.
http://murch.globalteacher.org.au grades 4-10 student blogs initially used in info tech but expanding to include further subject areas (especially technosixes for literacy, maths and Chinese LOTE.) Links to student blogs on RHS
East Bronx Academy for the Future (Paul Allison's 8, 7, and 6th graders)
English Corner (Julia Osteen's 6th graders) http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=17192
http://globalissuesclub.learnerblogs.org Global Issues Club at the American School of Doha in Qatar
http://thinwalls.edublogs.org Thin Walls project - many students are linked to this project, coordinated by Clarence Fisher
8th Grade English Classes 75 students blog around literature--especially check Songs Of My Life Posts (blogging set up and teacher/student instruction guided by Laura Deisley/Twitter Deacs84)
7th Grade White Team Student Voices-launching March 1st, 75 students begin blogging to develop their own voices (Deisley/Twitter:Deacs84)
7th Grade Blue Team Student Voices-launching March 1st, 75 students begin blogging to develop their own voices (Deisley/Twitter: Deacs84)
MS Resource Network (Blog, Wiki Link, Other Links)-Community-Building Blog and Resource Home for The Lovett School (focus on Middle School). Independent K-12 school of 1500 students in Atlanta, GA. (Laura Deisley/Twitter: Deacs84)

High School

http://scienceleadership.org/drupaled/E10C English 10 Silver, Mr. Chase's 10th graders at the Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Philadelphia, PA
http://scienceleadership.org/drupaled/e10d English 10 Gold, Mr Chase's 10 graders at SLA in Philadelphia, PA
http://youthvoices.net/elgg/weblog/everyone Youth Voices, 9th-12th grade students from Alaska, California, Utah, Missouri, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Maine...
http://youthwiki.wikispaces.com Youth Wiki 6th-12th graders from all over the United States contribute.
http://304Sophs.wikispaces.com A course-long wiki for my Fall 2007 Sophomore English class
HonorsBrit Same as above, but for my Honors British Lit class (currently underway this semester, so short on content so far)
Yarmouth High School
  1. Middle East Studues: High School Students respond to non US newspaper resources
  2. Women's Literature Units: Students blog around spefic books. Blogs are posted on sidebar
  3. Photography and Foundations in Art: Students blog about their work. Blogs are listed on the sidebar
Hope Charter School Bloggers, Philadelphia High Schoolers blog about current events, H. Songhai, Instructor
Youthnet -- A global wiki for students; will feel no cultural and geographical borders, and share ideas about anything
Students 2.0 -- A blog about education from the students point of view
Youth Group Games -- A site with games and ideas for High School students


Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH) Spanish conversation class. this link goes to the front page...the students' blogs are in the blog roll in the left side barmargin.
Oberlin College (Oberlin OH) Russian (advanced) class blog students' blogs on the left side bar
Oberlin College (Oberlin OH) Russian (intermediate) class blog students' blogs on the left sidebar
Nazareth College Intro to Educational Technology Student Blogs
Georg-August Universität Göttingen Spanish teacher training class wiki .Student wiki on how to use wikis teaching Spanish.


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